top quality meats

You can tell from our name – at Broward Meat and Fish Company, meat gets the spotlight. From your standard steak and fresh ground beef to oxtail, chicken livers, pig feet, and goat tripe, our selection cannot be beat. And at our full-service meat counter, our trained butchers will prepare your choice just the way you want it.

We carry top-quality pork, poultry, goat, lamb, and premium beef (including U.S.D.A. Choice and Certified Angus Beef) in all your favorite cuts. We also carry the highest quality smoked meats, including smoked turkey wings, smoked pork neck bones and hocks, and a broad selection of frozen meats, including burnt goat feet, goat head, cow cod, Muscovy duck, and whole pig. Our customers also save big with our whole cuts, such as whole briskets, top sirloin cap (picanha), and pork shoulder.

At Broward Meat and Fish Company, we also produce our own fresh ground meats and make fresh sausage, in-store, every single day.

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